Ionic Events are committed to collecting and protecting your privacy and data safely and transparently. We will use the information that we collect about you in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018, Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 and the EU General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679

We will to be clear when we collect your data and not do anything you wouldn’t reasonably expect. Developing a better understanding of our participants, customers and supporters through their personal data allows us to make better decisions about programming, how we develop our work and to fundraise more efficiently all of which help us to reach our goal of programming live music, producing festivals and developing artists and music industry professionals in the North East

Ionic Events is Limited company working in the live music events and cultural sector. Ionic Events regularly reviews and updates this privacy policy to reflect changes in its services, feedback from you, and to comply with changes to the law.

This Privacy Policy sets out the ways in which we use your data and how you can hold us accountable for that.


You give us information when you sign up to receive our newsletter, buy a ticket or pass to a gig, event, workshop or session, update your contact information on and through our websites or communicate with us. The information that we may hold about you may include:

• Your name

• Postal address

• Telephone number

• Email address

• Your age

• Ticketing history

• Billing information

• Donation history

• Your preferences about how we communicate with you about our activities

•Work or application forms that you submit to us

We maintain a record of your transaction history, but we never store your payment card number. We keep a record of the emails we send you and we may monitor if you receive and open them so that we can make sure we are sending you the most relevant information.

We will use your data in a variety of clearly defined ways as follows:

General usage across our work

• Keeping a record of your relationship with us

• To ensure that we know how you prefer to be contacted

• To undertake anonymised research into our users and customers so that we can improve and refine our activities

If you have booked or signed up to attend a gig or event with us:

• To provide you with gig or event tickets that you have booked or requested

• To contact you if there is a change to an event that you are booked or signed up to attend

• To administer your ticket, booking or donation

• To let you know about other similar events that you may be interested in attending

Aa a member of our mailing list

• To send you information about events, news and activities that may be of interest to you by email and post

• To encourage you to participate in fundraising campaigns to support our work

• To tell you about changes to our work and services

Donators and supporters to our organisation

• To update you on the projects or areas of work that you support

• To administer your donation

As a participant in our artist development programme or mentoring opportunity

• To administer your work for the purpose of that programme or opportunity only

• To create anonymised statistical overviews of entries for the activity that we use to report to funders, partners and stakeholders and to evaluate and demonstrate the demand, reach and interest in our activities.

•To use anonymised data to monitor, evaluate and support research into the impact of our work.

As a young person participating in a session, workshop or project:

We will use your data to make sure we have the following permissions in place:

• To take part in the project or session

• To take your photograph

•To take part in evaluation

•To publicly share your work

If you are aged under 18 we will need parental permission for the above!

Young people’s data is held securely and is only accessible by Ionic Events employees working directly with young people.

If you apply for a freelance job with Ionic Events:

• We will administer your application through our assessment and interview processes

• If you are successful in your application the associated administrative assessment of your application will be kept with your contract. We will store details of any payments to you on our accounting systems and will use a third party banking provider to process payments to you. If the role requires a DBS check, we will also keep records of you DBS number.

• If you are unsuccessful in your application you data and the attached information that you submitted will be marked for deletion and will be disposed of inline with our timed deletion framework (and typically within 6 months of the submission deadline)

If you apply for a permanent job with us Ionic Events:

• We will administer your application through our assessment and interview processes

•If you are successful in your application the associated administrative assessment of your application will be kept in your staff record file. We will also ask for and keep the following personal data about you: Name, address, date of birth, educational details, previous employment history and qualifications and for safety reasons any relevant information that you have disclosed about your medical history and next of kin. If appropriate we may ask to see proof of your right to work in UK and your driver’s licence. We may request a DBS check to be carried out. The DBS number will be kept in your personnel file. We will also collect financial data (your bank account and HMRC tax code) so that we can pay you and this information will be shared with pension companies and HMRC.

• If you are unsuccessful in your application your data and the attached information that you submitted will be marked for deletion and will be disposed of inline with our timed deletion framework. (an typically within 6 months of the submission deadline)

• For both freelance and employed posts, we may ask candidates to fill out an equality and diversity monitoring questionnaire. This data is anonymous and is kept for statistical or legal reasons. Summary data may be shared with partners such as government departments and Arts Council England

If you work with us as a supplier or contractor:

• If you are the employee of a supplier or potential supplier or a partner organisation and have given your name, email or any other personal data to identify you for the purpose of correspondence that data will be stored on our accounts system and will be associated with any correspondence between us and your organisation, for example, quotes for services, invoices and statements.

If you engage with us on social media:

• If you engage or follow us on social media, for example on our Facebook pages, Instagram or Twitter we will have access to any information that you have agreed to share on that channel. This may include your name/user name, demographic information and access to content that you have posted. We may use this information for statistical purposes to help us understand the size of demographic make-up of our users/audience and we may use contact details to send you a response to something that you have raised.

If you do not want to receive information by post or email about gigs, festivals, events, sessions, projects or our fundraising activities and research you have the option to change any of your contact preferences at any time by clicking unsubscribe on email bulletins or contacting us to ask for your details to be removed.

For more information please contact us at